NTN N214C3 Cylindrical Roller Bearing - D=70



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NTN N214C3 Cylindrical Roller Bearing (Inside Dia - 70mm, Outside Dia - 125mm)

Type of Product : Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Inside Diameter (d) (mm) : 70
Outside Diameter D (mm) : 125
Width Dia mm : 24
Model No : N214C3



1.  Types, design features, and characteristics

Cylindrical roller bearings can accommodate heavy radial loads due to the line contact formed between their rolling elements and raceways. These bearings are also suitable for high speed applications since the rollers are guided by either inner or outer ring ribs. Cylindrical roller bearings are separable, allowing them to be easily installed and disassembled even when interference fits are required.
Among the various types of cylindrical roller bearings, E type and EA type have a high load capacity while maintaining standard boundary dimensions. HT type has a large axial load capacity, and HL type provides extended fatigue life in poor lubrication conditions. Multiple row bearing arrangements are also available.
For extremely heavy load applications, the non-separable full complement SL type bearing offers special advantages. For SL type and four- row cylindrical roller bearings, see section “C. Special application bearings.”
Table 1 shows the various types and characteristics of single row cylindrical roller bearings. Table 2 shows the characteristics of non-standard type cylindrical roller bearings.

Table 1  Cylindrical roller bearing types and characteristics

Type code Design  Characteristics

NU type

N type

-NU type outer rings have two ribs. The outer ring, roller, and cage assembly can be separated from the inner ring.
N type inner rings have two ribs. The inner ring, roller, and cage assembly can be separated from the outer ring.
-Unable to accommodate any axial loading.
-This is widely used as the floating side bearing in a fixed-float arrangement.
NJ type NF type -NJ type has two ribs on the outer ring, a single rib on the inner ring; NF type has a single rib on the outer ring, and two ribs on the inner ring.
-Can receive single direction axial loads.
-When there is no distinction between the fixed side and floating side bearing, these types can be used as a pair in close proximity.
NUP type
NH type (NJ+HJ)

-NUP type has a collar ring attached to the ribless side of the inner ring; NH type is NJ type with an L type collar ring attached. All of these collar rings are separable, and therefore it is necessary to fix the inner ring axially.
-Can accommodate axial loads in either direction.
-Widely used as the shaft’s fixed-side bearing


 Table 2  Non-standard type cylindrical roller bearing characteristics

Designation Characteristics
E type and EA type Cylindrical roller bearing

-Boundary dimensions are the same as the standard type, but the diameter, length and number of the rollers have been increased, resulting in higher load capacity.
-Identified by the addition of “E” to the end of the basic roller number.
-Enables compact design due increased load rating.
-Rollers’ inscribed circle diameter differs from the standard type rollers and therefore cannot be interchanged.
-EA type bearings are ULTAGE series1).

Note: In the dimension tables, both E type and EA type are listed.

Cylindrical roller bearing
for axial loads (HT type)
 -Can accommodate larger axial loads than the standard type due to improved geometry of the rib roller end surface.
-Please consult NTN Engineering concerning necessary considerations, such as load, lubricant, and installation conditions.
Double-row cylindrical roller bearing -NN type and NNU type are available.
-Widely used for applications requiring thin-walled bearings, such the main shafts of machine tools, rolling machine rollers, and in printing equipment.
-Internal radial clearance is adjusted for the spindle of machine tools by pressing the tapered bore of the inner ring on a tapered shaft.
Remarks: For precision bearings for machine tools, see precision rolling bearings


2.  Standard cage type

Table 3 shows the standard cage types for cylindrical roller bearings.
The basic load ratings listed in the dimension charts correspond to use of the standard cages listed in Table 3. The basic load ratings

listed in the dimension tables are for standard configurations. These ratings can change when a different cage type and number of rolling elements is utilized.

Note: 1. Within the same bearing series, cage type is constant regardless of the cylindrical roller bearing type (NJ, NUP, N, NF).
2. For high speed and other special applications, machined cages can be manufactured when necessary. Consult NTN Engineering.
3. Among EA type bearings that use resin cages as standard, certain varieties use pressed cages. Consult NTN Engineering.
4. Although machined cages are the standard for two-row cylindrical roller bearings, resin cages may also be used in some of these bearings for machine tool applications.