SMC CJ2K-Z Series Air Cylinder, Non-Rot, Round Body, Double Acting, Single Rod, CJ2KB10-40RZ



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  • Both sides foot and head side flange are set on the mounting bracket.
  • Auto switch operability is improved and position adjustment is easy
  • Auto switch rail mounting type part number setting is set. Zoom
  • With auto switch (CDJ2-Z series: CDJ2, CDJ2W, CDJ2K, CDJ2Z, CDJ2ZW, CDJ2RA, CDJ2RK)


Specification item model symbol Specification information
With auto switch - Without auto switch
Mounting support type B Basic type
tube inner diameter 10 tube inner diameter 10mm
cylinder stroke 40
dual stroke mark - No dual stroke mark
cylinder stroke 2 - Cylinder stroke 2 None
Port location on head cover R axial
rocking support bracket - no metal fittings
rod end bracket - no metal fittings
auto switch - Without auto switch
Auto switch additional symbol - 2 with or without
Auto switch mounting type - doesn't exist
Custom made specifications - standard