SMC CQ2-Z Series Compact Cylinder/Standard Type: Double Acting/Single Rod CDQ2A16-15DMZ-A93

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 A space-saving cylinder designed with a thin overall length to realize compact equipment

 Small auto switches can be attached to 4 surfaces (2 surfaces for ø12 to ø25).

 There is no protruding auto switch.

 Light weight: reduced by 5~13% (compared to the previous CQ2)

 Newly added support bracket for double clevis and compact foot type bracket

 Enclosed installation bolt and set the part number for rod end bracket attachment (reducing the trouble of ordering separately)

 With auto switch (CDQ2 series: CDQ2, CDQ2W, CDQ2K, CDQ2KW, CDQP2, CDQ2 S, CDBQ2)

 Weight : 85 g


Specification item model symbol Specification information
built-in magnet D built-in magnet
installation support A both ends tab
form - pneumatic type
tube inner diameter 16 tube inner diameter 16mm
Types of port screws - Rc/M screw
cylinder stroke 15 cylinder stroke 15mm
dual stroke mark - No dual stroke mark
cylinder stroke 2 - Cylinder stroke 2 None
body options M rod end male thread
Auto switch mounting groove Z ø12-ø25 2 sides/ø32-ø100 4 sides
Installation bolts included - no mounting bolt
rod end bracket - no metal fittings
auto switch A93 Reed auto switch, grommet, with light, 2-wire type, lateral entry, lead wire 0.5 m, applied voltage: DC24V, AC100V
Auto switch additional symbol - 2 with or without
Custom made specifications - standard


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