SMC CQM Series Compact Guide Rod Cylinder, CDQMB12-10-A96

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  • Built-in guide rod in thin cylinder CQS, CQ2 series
  • Anti-rotation accuracy ±0.2° or less
  • Lateral load resistance 2 to 4 times ※Comparison with thin cylinder CQ series
  • Direct mounting of load is possible
  • Mounting dimensions for CQS, CQ2 series Compatible with
  • With auto switch (CDQM series: CDQM)


Specification item model symbol Specification information
With auto switch D With auto switch
installation support B Through hole (standard)
tube inner diameter 12 tube inner diameter 12mm
Types of port screws - M screw, Rc
cylinder stroke 10 cylinder stroke 10mm
auto switch A96 Reed auto switch, grommet, with light, 3-wire type (NPN), side entry, lead wire 0.5 m, applied voltage: DC4 to 8V
Auto switch additional symbol - 2 with or without