SMC MBB Series Tie-Rod Cylinder. End-Lock Type, MDBBG80-215-HL-M9NL



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  •  Maximum weight reduced by 10% by changing the shape of the cover
  • Set the rod end bracket and swing support bracket attached part number (reducing the trouble of ordering separately)
  • Attach auto switch (MDB-Z series: MDB, MDBW, MDBK, MDBKW, MDBB, MDBQ)


Specification item model symbol Specification information
With auto switch D With auto switch
installation support G Head side flange type
tube inner diameter 80 Tube inner diameter 80mm
Types of port screws - Rc
cylinder stroke 215
Cylinder additional symbol - no bellows
Lock position H Head side lock
Format of manual release L Lock type
dual stroke mark - No dual stroke mark
cylinder stroke 2 - Cylinder stroke 2 None
Cylinder additional symbol 2 - no bellows
Lock position 2 - doesn't exist
Manual release format 2 - doesn't exist
auto switch M9NL Solid-state auto switch, grommet, with light, 3-wire type (NPN), lateral entry, lead wire 3 m, applied voltage: DC5V, 12V, 24V (DC4.5 to 28V)
Auto switch additional symbol - 2 with or without
Custom made specifications - standard

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