SMC MGG Series Guided Cylinder, MGGMB20-330

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The series MGG guided cylinder is ideally suited for material handling applications involving stopping, lifting, and pushing. It combines the functions of a conventional cylinder, linear motion guide, and non-rotation device. Features include built-in shock absorbers, finite stroke adjustment, bumpers, and switch capability. Other features include: Slide or ball bushing bearings available, built-in shock absorbers and stroke adjustments, high degree of non-rotating accuracy, and high load capabilities.

  • Compact integration of basic cylinder and guide rod
  •  Linear motion unit that realizes lateral load resistance and high-precision anti-rotation


Specification item model symbol Specification information
form - doesn't exist
bearing type M plain bearing
Mounting support type B Basic type
tube inner diameter 20 tube inner diameter 20mm
Types of port screws - Rc
cylinder stroke 330
Stroke adjustment symbol - doesn't exist
dual stroke mark - No dual stroke mark
cylinder stroke 2 - Cylinder stroke 2 None
auto switch - Without auto switch
Auto switch additional symbol - 2 with or without
Auto switch mounting bracket - doesn't exist
Custom made specifications - standard