SMC MGQ Series. Compact Guide Cylinder, MGQM12-20-M9BL



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The solution for a linear-actuator subject to high loads. Ideal for material handling applications. Two basic models include a self-lubricating slide bushing and a linear ball bearing style. The 100mm slide bushing model can stop a load of 3,000 lbs. traveling at 55ft/min, or smoothly lift a centered load of 1,000 lbs. with a 40% safety factor. The overall package is very compact, and pre-tapped mounting holes ensure easy attachment of fixtures. Mounts on side or bottom. The MGQ offers bore sizes from 12 to 100mm and is switch capable.

  • Guide-integrated air cylinder that realizes lateral load resistance and high-precision anti-rotation
  • Suitable for stoppers and lifters in transfer lines


Specification item model symbol Specification information
bearing type M plain bearing
tube inner diameter 12 tube inner diameter 12mm
Types of port screws - M5X0.8(Φ12-16);Rc(Φ20-100)
cylinder stroke 20 cylinder stroke 20mm
auto switch M9BL Solid-state auto switch, grommet, with light, 2-wire type, lateral entry, lead wire 3 m, applied voltage: DC24V (DC10 to 28V)
Auto switch additional symbol - 2 with or without
Custom made specifications - standard