SMC MK Series Rotary Clamp Cylinder Standard Type, MKB40-20RZ-M9PL



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  • 3 times higher allowable moment of inertia
    (equivalent to the high load type MK2 series)
  • Small auto switches can be attached to 4 sides
  • Total length is the same as the existing MK series
  • Existing MK and MK2 integrated into the New MK series


Specification item model symbol Specification information
installation support B Through-hole/double-end tap common (standard)
tube inner diameter 40 tube inner diameter 40mm
Types of port screws - M thread (ø12 to ø25), Rc (ø32 to ø63)
clamp stroke 20 20mm
direction of rotation R turn right
body options - Standard (female thread)
auto switch M9PL Solid-state auto switch, grommet, with light, 3-wire type (PNP), lateral entry, lead wire 3 m, applied voltage: DC5V, 12V, 24V (DC4.5 to 28V)
Auto switch additional symbol - 2 with or without
Custom made specifications - standard