SMC MU Series Plate Cylinder, Double Acting, Single Rod, MDUB32-10DZ-A93V



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  • Space saving is possible due to the oval shape of the piston, and cylinders can be installed in multiple directions
  • Small auto switches can be attached in 4 directions
  • There is no auto switch protrusion
  • Stroke up to 300mm is possible
  • Auto switches are attached (MDU series: MDU, MDUW) )


Specification item model symbol Specification information
With auto switch D With auto switch
Mounting support type B Basic type
size 32 Piston area equivalent to ø32
Types of port screws - M screw, Rc
cylinder stroke 10 cylinder stroke 10mm
rod end shape - Rod end female thread
auto switch A93V Reed auto switch, grommet, with light, 2-wire type, longitudinal entry, lead wire 0.5 m, applied voltage: DC24V, AC100V
Auto switch additional symbol - 2 with or without

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